Glen Strae makes for an exciting trip for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Golden Eagles nest at the far end of the glen and can occasionally be spotted. Ptarmigan and Black Cock Lekking can also be spotted with a little patience and potentially a bit of a walk… you may need the wildlife manager to help you seek these rare beauties out though!


Glen Strae is a working farm, complete with an award-winning herd of highland cattle that roam freely within the glen. They are friendly enough and will happily stand still and close enough for a great photo! There is also the usual abundance of sheep roaming around various parts of the glen, provided they are not off to market.

Art & Photography

The breathtaking views and abundant wildlife make Glen Strae the perfect bolt hole for an art, writing or photography break. With endless landscapes and plenty of flora and fauna just on your doorstep, artists and photographers always thoroughly enjoy the space and tranquility that the glen has to offer.

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